Corpus inscriptionum regni Bosporani: Album imaginum. St. Petersburg: Bibliotheca classica Petropolitana, 2004. – XVI+432 P.: ill.+maps.

After appearance of Inscriptiones antiquae orae septentrionalis Ponti Euxini (IosPE) II (1890) / IV (1901) academician V. V. Latyshev (1855–1921) engaged himself in preparing a new edition of inscriptions of the Bosporus Kingdom, which he did not manage to carry through. In the 1940s this work was resumed by the Institute of History of the Soviet Academy of Sciences (Leningrad branch), and in 1965 it published Korpus Bosporskikh Nadpisej (The Corpus of Bosporan Inscrip¬tions = Corpus Inscriptionum Regni Bosporani, CIRB). Unfortunately, the volume did not include abundant photo material collected for this edition and preserved at the Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) and Institute for the History of Material Culture (St. Petersburg). The aim of the present volume was to fill up this important gap.