Ancient World and Us

The Almanac "Ancient World and Us" touches upon the impact of classics on European and Russian culture. Hence (to say nothing about the geographical anchor of the editors) our special emphasis is on classical traditions in St. Petersburg.

Among the permanent topics of the anthology is the history of study of the Greco-Roman civilization and biographies of classicists; reception of classical motifs in the European literature; traditional and experimental translations from Greek and Latin into Russian; the past and future of classical education. The edition takes an interest in the fate of classics in the Middle Ages; in educational institutions of Byzantium; in Renaissance and humanism (with the exception of philanthropy); in classical philology of the latest period. The history of Petropolis docta is a subject that runs through all issues. Reminiscences, letters bibliographies of classicists are continual constituents of the anthology.

Every issue is divided into several sections, as follows: The Ancient World includes articles by classicists, which are likely to interest not only those who study ancient Greece and Rome but also a wider circle of readers; From the History of Classics; Personalia; Classics and Russian Literature; Translations; Litterae Elegantiores (modern essays based on classical culture); Notes, Reviews, Chronicles; ΠΑΙΓΝΙΑ.


A. K. Gavrilov, (editor in chief) V. V. Zelchenko, O.V. Budaragina, D. V. Keyer.