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28 May 2016 17:00

Paper by Prof. M. Gagarin

Prof. Michael Gagarin (The University of Texas at Austin) will present his paper "Rhetoric and Athenian Law".

23 May 2016

A. K. Gavrilov's anniversary

We congratulate Alexander K. Gavrilov, the founding director of the Bibliotheca Classica, upon his 75th anniversary!

19 April 2016

Lecture by E. Dickey

Lecture by  Prof. Eleanor Dickey (University of Reading) "The medieval transmission of the Hermeneumata Pseudodositheana"

11 June 2015

Hyperboreus 20 (Fasc. 1-2)

Presentation of the Festschrift dedicated to Prof. Bernd Seidensticker (Hyperboreus 20, Fasc. 1-2)  and lecture by Prof. Bernd Roling (FU Berlin) "Karl Ernst von Baer".

05 May 2015 18:00

Lecture by Prof. Luca Graverini

Lecture by Prof. Luca Graverini (University of Siena 1)
"Small things matter. Text and interpretation of Apuleius' Metamorphoses".

25 September 2014 - 26 September 2014

Conference 2014

An International workshop was organized  the Bibliotheca Classica [“GOLDEN AGE AND CRISIS OF CLASSICAL SCHOLARSHIP IN EUROPE AND RUSSIA – PEOPLE, INSTITUTIONS, IDEAS (CA 1870–1930)”] with the participance of scholars from Russia, Switzerland and Germany.


Программа конференции


9:00 Registration

9:15 Welcome address by Alexander Verlinsky and Benedict Hauser

14 November 2013 19:00

Lecture by Natalie Pavlichenko

Lecture by Natalie Pavlichenko "A new lead letter from Patraeus" 

18 June 2012

Meeting at the Bibliotheca Classica

A meeting to hear reports and elect new officials was held at the Bibliotheca Classica. Jekaterina Basargina, Jekaterina Druzhinina, Nadia Jijina, Tatiana Shaburiana, and Vera Zhizhina-Hefter were proposed as new members of the Society. Members of the Bibliotheca Classica elected the board of administration (Alexander Verlinsky, Alexander Gavrilov, Anatoly Ruban, Olga Budaragina, Denis Keyer).

01 June 2012 17:00 - 18:00

Lecture by Claus-Jürgen Thornton "Martin Hengel als Forscher und Lehrer"

Claus-Jürgen Thornton, geboren 1958, S.T.M. und Dr. theol., lebt als Verlagsberater, freier Lektor und Übersetzer in Berlin. Zuletzt (2008) erschien im Verlag der Weltreligionen Christian Wieses und seine Übersetzung von Peter Schäfer, Weibliche Gottesbilder im Judentum und Christentum.

27 April 2012

Appearance of the 4th almanac "Ancient World and Us"

The first section of the Almanac originated as a joint project by Polish, German and Rus­sian scholars and is dedicated to the memory of the celebrated classicist Tadeusz Zieliński (Thaddaeus Zielinski, Фаддей Ф. Зелинский; 1859–1944), whose 150th birthday anniversary was celebrated in 2009. An attempt is made to understand Zielinski’s significance and impact in the context of three European cultures. Various facets of the subject are studied in essays by Jerzy Axer (Tadeusz Zieliński among Foreigners, trans. from Polish by I. Tatarova), Michael von Albrecht (Throwing Bridges between Cultures and Nations: Philologist Thaddaeus Zielinski, trans. from German by M. Rutz), and Alexander Gavrilov (Faddej F. Zielinski in the Context of Russian Culture). The main body of this volume consists of Zielinski’s Autobiography (Mein Lebenslauf) translated for the first time from German into Russian by Anatoly Ruban who has also contributed a full commentary on the text. Zielinski began writing his Autobiography in 1924, after he had emigrated from the Soviet Rusia in 1922. The manuscript was initially kept by Zielinski’s son Felix; later it was given to the family of his younger sister Cornelia Zielinski-Kanokogi who lived in Japan. In 1996, the Autobiography was brought to Poland where it was published in translation in 2005. This section also includes a preface to the first edition (2005) of Zielinski’s Diary by Anna Geremek (trans. from Polish by V. Budaragin). The Diary was kept by Zielinski during his last years – after he had left Poland in 1939 and until his death in Schondorf in 1944.

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