Almazova Nina A.

Nina A. Almazova was born in 1971 in Leningrad. In 1993, graduated from the Department of Classics at St. Petersburg State University. From 1993-1997, she completed her graduate studies at the Institute of the History of Art of the Russian Academy of Sciences.After spending a year at the Trier University on a DAAD fellowship, she obtained her Ph. D. in arts (“Musical Epigraphy in Antiquity”, 1998). From 1991-2004, and currently she teaches Ancient Greek at the Gymnasium Classicum Petropolitanum. Since 1997, she has worked in the Department of Classics of St. Petersburg State University (currently as a docent). She teaches courses in the Ancient Greek and Latin languages, lectures on ancient Greek and Latin literature, and teaches a course on the history of Classical art. In 2002, she received a visiting fellowship at Trinity College (Cambridge). In 2008 (autumn), she was a visiting scholar at the Fondation Hardt pour l’etude de l’antiquite classique (Vandoeuvres–Geneve). She a member of the editorial board of the journal “Hyperboreus.” Her research interest lies in the history and practical aspects of ancient Greek music (life of musicians, repertoire,  performance details, etc.).