(book) O. Budaragina. Latin Inscriptions in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg: Kolo, 2010. – 151 P. (2nd revised and updated ed. St. Petersburg: Kolo, 2014. - 159 P.)

The book is a commented edition of Neo-Latin inscriptions dated from the 18th – 20th centuries in St. Petersburg. Inscriptions are arranged according to their location on private residences (heraldic mottoes) and dwelling houses; on public buildings — churches, medical and educational institutions being among them; on statues and triumphal arches. A part of the book is dedicated to epitaphs of the Smoleskoie Lutheran Cemetery, the Alexander Nevsky Laura, and the Volkovskoie Lutheran Cemetery. All entries include photographic illustrations and an English summary. The book also has a bilingual name and street index.

ISBN 978-5-9018-4162-4 (1st edition)

ISBN 978 5-4462-0046-7 (2nd edition)